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Managing the details of a probate estate is complicated enough.Why add the sale of real estate to your already daunting list of responsibilities?

During this trying time, the pain experienced is often exacerbated by the legal issues and heavy responsibilities that come with being appointed the Personal Representative.

But for those who have the right experts in their corner, the probate process can be less complex and thankless. Other than an attorney, your most valuable resource will be a real estate expert that  is trained and experienced in probate and inherited property sales. My team and I can help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks during this process.


List the estate home and get top dollar from retail buyers

Along with my team from Better Homes and Gardens, I will implement a comprehensive marketing plan, exposing the property to all markets through the use of various media, ensuring the quick sale of the property for the highest possible price.  This option would be exercised when the property requires little or no repairs.

Sell the estate home for cash in “AS IS” condition and close fast.

We will buy the property, as is, for a mutually agreed upon purchase price, and we will cover all closing and repair costs.  You pay nothing. This may be the best option when the estate home requires major repairs and the heirs are interested in a rapid liquidation of the estate.


How can I help with your real estate goals? Call 603-558-8604 or email me.

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